Back of a Bus @ 2:36am, Acrylic on Canvas. 2016. 48x48

Awake and Unnerved, Acrylic on Wood Panel. 2016. 36x48

Seize the Night (Do Your Best To Lose Track of Time), Acrylic on Wood Panel. 2016. 48x72

Seize the Night (Let Shadows Run Wild in Your Mind), Acrylic on Wood Panel. 2016. 36x72

Seize The Night (And the Path Won't Feel So Long), Acrylic, Rhinestones, Sequins, Feathers and Glitter on Wood Panel. 2016. 24x24

City Streets is a series of experimental paintings inspired by the streets of Toronto, Ontario at night and the song Seize the Night by Will Varley.

Seize the Night (Official Video) -- Song by Will Varley

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Digital Study 10

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